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We are located in the alley behind 123 Teller Ave.

Alley between Teller Ave. and Hill Ave.

Tall gray building with white garage door.

Parking is available in alley or on 1st St.


Health is mountain...

never stop climbing.

About Us

Trail Life Fitness has been a dream for owners and personal trainers Haley Stickerod and Karli Knudsen for years. Both have a passion for the outdoors, and truly believe that being healthy is more than just going to the gym.  It is a lifestyle that is unique to each person. Whether you love mountain biking, hiking, sports, playing with your kids at the park, or just performing everyday tasks without pain, our goal is help you get fit and stay fit, so that you have the ability to enjoy life to its fullest everyday.

About Us



    To me, fitness is so much more than just spending time in the gym. It’s about how that time and hard work effects every part of life. It’s about being strong and capable, avoiding injury, and if I’m being honest, staying active as long a possible. There is a reason why the West Slope is the best slope…we have endless access to adventure right in our own back yard! There is nothing better than “working out” without thinking about working out. I believe that one of the most beneficial ways to living a healthy life is finding things that you enjoy, that also happen to be active. Sweating while you have a giant smile on your face…winning! Combine that with muscular and core strengthening, flexibility, balance training, a healthy/happy diet and that seems to do the trick.

     I started my journey in Outdoor Education, and then spent three years as a wildland firefighter, where I really began to realize the benefits of strength and endurance conditioning in accordance with work and play. That led me to pursuing a career in health and fitness. I attended the National Personal Training Institute (Denver), followed by completing my BA in Kinesiology, Fitness and Health Promotion at CMU. Throughout eight years in the field, I have worked in collegiate strength and conditioning, personal training, teaching group fitness classes and have now landed in the dream of being a co-owner in our very gym/studio. Let’s hang out!

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Karli Knudsen
Haley Stickerod

Karli has been training and coaching since 2010. She graduated with a degree in Exercise Science from the University of Montana in 2009. Before starting off her career she spent six months at the National Personal Training Institute, Denver, learning how to train. After graduation, she began working as a personal trainer and assistant strength and conditioning coach at Colorado Mesa University. Shortly after, she was hired as the assistant women's basketball coach under Coach Taylor Wagner. For the next four years she coached the girls both on the court and in the weight room. When she wasn't with the team, she was teaching group fitness classes and personal training in the parks around Grand Junction.

As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), she loves to push her clients while keeping them healthy enough to enjoy everyday life.

Ready to make a life change...that's what we are here for!

Our goal is to help you get as much out of your training as possible.


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Trail Life Fitness

Alley of 123 Teller Ave

Grand Junction, CO


(970) 580-1821

(307) 254-0460

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